Various airlines fly from Europe to Cape Verde for example: TACV, TAP, Transavia, TUI (= TuiFly from Germany and The Netherlands, Thomsom from the UK) and Luxair. Most flights are to Sal or Boa Vista. Direct flights to São Vicente are possible from Amsterdam (TACV, TUI), Paris (TACV) and Lissabon (TAP). Some airlines only have flights to Cape Verde during winter.

Flights from other continents to Cape Verde are possible from the United States (Boston), Brazil (Fortaleza), Senegal (Dakar), Gambia (Banjul), Guiné-Bissau (Bissau), Sao Tome and Principe, Angola (Luanda), Morocco (Casablanca) and Grand Canaria (Las Palmas).

Domestic flights are provided by the Cape Verdian company TACV and the Canarian company Binter.


The summer holidays and the period around Christmas and New Year are high season for flights to Cape Verde. Outside these periods tickets are much cheaper. Flights with low-cost airlines (Thomson, Transavia etc.) are usually cheapest on the company's own website. Tickets for TACV can be purchased  as well on their own website. Sometimes it may be cheaper on special ticket providers websites (for example bravofly.com). Be aware that that especially the low-cost airlines do not only differ in their prices, but also in what's included in the price and what's not (a visum may or may not be included, checked baggage may be charged seperately etc.).

Domstic flights with TACV are cheapest when bought in Cape Verde, or on-line through the website of TACV (payment with vinti4, mastercard or visa). Note that if you want to buy several domestic flights it is cheapest to buy them as one booking. Domestic flights with Binter can be bought online from their website.

Delays, schedule changes, delayed luggage

Unfortunately domestic flights are often delayed.
The schedule of a domestic flight is often (even shortly before) changed. It is therefore advisable to constult the schedule before, to confirm a flight (call or visit TACV) and to leave a telephone number.
Domestic flights can be overbooked which means you may not be allowed to fly (especially during busy periods). This is also a reason why it is advisable to confirm a flight, or at least to be at check-in on time.
Luggage arrives delayed more than avarage in Cape Verde. Ttherefore it is advisable to bring some necessary things in your carry-on baggage.


Island Airport Code
Sal Amilcar Cabral International Airport SID
Boa Vista Rabil Airport BVC
São Vicente Cesária Évora Airport (formerly San Pedro Airport)   VXE
Santiago Francisco Mendes Airport RAI
São Nicolau   Preguica Airport SNE
Fogo Sao Filipe Airport SFL
Maio Vila Do Maio Airport MMO


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