It is very easy to move around in São Vicente by taxi. There are fixed fares which means it is clear in advance what the costs will be. Within the center of Mindelo for example a taxi ride costs 150 escudos (180 in the evening), about one and a half euro. There are many taxis and several taxi stands, taxis are allowed to stop anywhere to let passengers get in or out and taxis are very recognisable because they are all white. Therefore it is usually not too hard to find a taxi.
The cars may differ in quality though, some are quite new but others are rather old. The use of seatbelts is not very common among locals, so do not expect seatbelts to be always present or working in a taxi.

For your information, there is a taxi stand around the corner of the apartment (on the Avenida Fernando Ferreira Fortes).

Taxi fares

The most important taxi fares on São Vicente (in escudos):

ride (or vice versa) daytime evening/night
center Mindelo 150 180
center - suburbs (and between suburbs) 170 200
Mindelo - airport 900 1000
Mindelo - Baía das gatas 900 1100
Mindelo - Monte Verde 1100 1200
Mindelo - Calhau 1000 1100


An aluguer is a kind of communal taxi, usually a minibus or pickup. They are cheaper than a taxi, but an aluguer only heads to its destination when enough people are picked up that have the same destination. People will hop on and off on the go as well and pay proportionally to the distance they drove along.
It is possible to use an aluguer as a private taxi as well, but there is a higher fare.
Aluguers can be found at different locations, but the most important starting point is at the Praça Estrela (opposite to the road to the airport).


The cheapest way of transportation in Mindelo are busses. Almost all busses pass through the central node at Praça Regala (in front of Apê Regala). Busses are usually limited to Mindelo, only during weekends in the summer busses will go to Calhau and Baía das Gatas. Instead of leaving from Praça Regala these busses will leave from Praça Estrela though.
A bus ticket can be purchased from the driver.